Written by: Rakesh Saini, PhD

The alarming rate of increase in gluten sensitivity in recent times is due to genetic modifications of grains, like wheat, resulting in an increase in gluten content by as much as 500 times in last about 110 years, and a change in molecular structure of gluten added to some foods from water extracted to alcohol extracted. Human genetics has not evolved yet to accommodate these changes.
Two distinct forms of gluten sensitivity / intolerance are NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity – Not a disease – symptoms are gas/bloating/cramping/abdominal pain/ etc.) and an immune disease – CELIAC. Since there is no prescription medication for either, the only option available to MD’s until now was to ask the patients to go Gluten Free. This is not fool proof though, because patients not only get ill from gluten but also from “hidden” gluten*, cross-reactors*, FODMAPS*, and cross-contamination* (definition of each of these *irritants is provided at end of this write-up). Strictly avoiding each of these is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, patients get hit or miss relief from gluten sensitivity, causing anxiety, stress, disappointment and frustration.
Root cause of gluten sensitivity is a high concentration of gluten in intestines (>20 PPM, Parts Per Million) and/or other irritants stated above. Therefore, a solution to the problem is to break down the gluten and irritants, to zero or near zero BEFORE FOOD LEAVES THE STOMACH.

Based upon this fundamental understanding the dietary supplement ZyGluten™ was created. This development required a gastroenterologist to work with 6 PhDs for 7 years at a total cost of about $15 million, conducting most of the Research and Development in a stomach stimulator. They first discovered the root cause of gluten sensitivity and then developed a science based product to take care of it.


Safety and efficacy of ZyGluten™ has been proven beyond doubt in a clinical trial conducted under the supervision of a physician on an unpaid patient population. The study has been published in Journal of Gluten Sensitivity, 2015, Volume 14, Page 17. Safety and efficacy got further validated via post marketing data (repeat purchases, return of symptoms if use is stopped, no negative side effects or adverse events) since product was introduced about six months ago.
ZyGluten™ is a mixture of twenty enzymes of high potency, two probiotic type microbes with gluten digesting capability, and two herbs to soothe the digestive system, all together at a high concentration of enzymes in a capsule made of tapioca. Each of the twenty enzymes, within the categories of Proteases, Lipases, Amylases, and Cellulases, in reality, contains hundreds of enzymes, some that have not been even discovered yet. Before marketing, the product was tested on following foods, using twice the concentration of gluten expected in a typical American meal: Pizza, Pasta, Bread, Bagels with cream cheese, Hamburger/fries/coke, pancakes, sandwiches, etc. An example from one of these experiments in the graph shows ZYGLUTEN is extremely fast acting, bringing the concentration of gluten from 3525 PPM to <20 PPM in < 30 minutes.
ZyGluten’s™ efficacy is 7 times to 231 times higher relative to competitive products because of high concentration of high potency ingredients. It is almost a misnomer to say ZyGluten™ has a competitor. Many products are designed to breakdown gluten only, whereas ZyGluten™ ingredients start with breaking down the protective matrix surrounding the polymer of gluten. Once this shield has been removed, gluten breaks down quickly because it is now exposed and ready to be attacked by specific enzymes (diphenyl peptidases) in the product. Moreover, the capsule is made of tapioca, dissolves much faster than gelatin allowing more time for the biological natural catalysts to do their job in achieving gluten/irritant level of zero / near zero BEFORE FOOD LEAVES THE STOMACH.

Healthcare professionals can purchase ZyGluten™ from our exclusive distributor:

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